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Hotel Smart regulations of stay

1. The Regulations are valid for all persons staying in Smart Hotel premises, located in Gdańsk (zip code 80-257) at ul. Słowackiego 3 which is a hotel facility providing accommodation services within the meaning of the Act of 29 August 1997 on tourists services. 

2. The reception situated on the ground floor provides assistance to the Guest.

3. The charge is collected from the Guest “in advance”.

4. The fee does not include tourist tax in the amount of PLN 2.20 for guest night.

5. The hotel night starts at 2.00 p.m. at the arrival date and ends at 12.00 p.m. on the leave day.

6. If the Guest resigns from the stay in Smart Hotel during a hotel day, the fee for that day is not reimbursed.

7. In the case of the guaranteed booking of a room and if the Guest does not appear until 5.00 p.m. on the booking day, Smart Hotel has the right to collect fee for one hotel day. Smart Hotel may charge the Guest’s credit card.

8. The Guest must provide ID document and sign a Registration Card to be registered.

9. The rooms in Smart Hotel are rented per hotel nights.

10. If the length of stay is not specified by the Guest at the time of booking the apartment, it is assumed that it is rented for one night only.

11. The Guest should inform the reception about the intention of the extension of stay indicated on the arrival date until 10.00 a.m. on the day when the room rental period expires.

12. If the Guest stays in the room after 12.00 a.m., Smart Hotel considers it as the extension of stay.

13. Guests may extend their stay provided there are rooms available.

14. Smart Hotel has the responsibility to keep the information about the Guest in secrecy.

15. Smart Hotel provides bed linen and towel change every three days or at the Guest’s request.

16. At the Guest’s request, Smart Hotel as part of the stay, provides the following services: providing information connected with the stay and travel, waking up at the agreed hour, storing luggage of the Guests before the start of the stay day.

17. Claims related to accommodation, meals and other terms and conditions of stay may be filed with the reception of Smart Hotel. Potential claims may not affect the period of accommodation or the amount of payment. The claims are considered independently and the Guest will be informed of this in a written or oral form.

18. In the case of a damage, the Guest should immediately inform the reception of this event.

19. The responsibility of Smart Hotel for the loss or damage to cash, securities, valuables or things of a scientific or artistic value is excluded.

20. Smart Hotel is not responsible for the damage or a loss of a car or other vehicle belonging to the Guest.

21. The Guest holds financial responsibility for any damages or destruction of the equipment and technical devices of Smart Hotel caused by him/her or by his visitors.

22. Each time when the Guest leaves the room, he must close windows, turn off the TV set, turn the tap off and close the doors.

23. The fee for a loss of a chip card is PLN 50 gross.

24. The Guest may not transfer a room to a third party, even if the period for which he/she paid did not expire.

25. It is not allowed to smoke tobacco in rooms and on the premises of Smart Hotel. The payment for an additional cleaning rooms from the nicotine odour is PLN 200.

26. It is not allowed to store hazardous and illegal prohibited by laws in rooms.

27. Non-paying visitors of Smart Hotel are allowed to stay in rooms between 6700 a.m. and 10:00 p.m.

28. Quiet hours in Smart Hotel are from 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.

29. For fire safety reasons, it is not allowed in the rooms to use heaters, electronic irons and other similar appliances which are not equipment of Smart Hotel. It does not apply do battery chargers and power supplies of computers.

30. Smart Hotel may refuse to welcome a Guest who during the last stay infringed the Regulations of Stay causing damages to property or other Guests or damage to other persons or he bothered the Guests or functioning of Smart Hotel. Such a person is obliged promptly to comply with the requests of Smart Hotel, in particular to pay for the damages and destruction caused, unless they the payment was already made, and to leave the property of Smart Hotel.

31. Personal belongings which are left by the leaving Guest in the room will be sent back – according to the Guest’s instruction – at the cost and address given by the Guest. If Smart hotel does not receive such instruction from the Guest within 3 months, then such belongings become the property of Smart Hotel.

32. Personal data of Smart Hotel Guests are processed by Sp. z o.o. with its seat in Grańsk, ul. Cypriana Kamila Norwida 1 and it also is make available to related companies to the extent permitted by applicable laws, in particular for the registration purposes and to store them in the data base of Smart Hotel. The Guest have the right to access his/her personal data and to correct it.

33. The Guest agrees to have VAT invoices issued without a signature.

34. Smart Hotel, as part of a stay, will make available to the Guest TV set for private use.

35. It is allowed to enter the hotel premises with animals exclusively for an additional charge and provided that it has been reported while booking. Smart Hotel may refuse to enter the facility with an animal, if it acknowledges that it may bother the Guests or functioning of Smart Hotel or if it violates these Regulations.

36. The Guest holds full and exclusive responsibility for damages caused by animals brought.

37. Possible disputes between the Guest and Smart Hotel are settled by the Common Court having jurisdiction over the location of Smart Hotel.

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